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2014 Member Guest Entries
# Seniority Member's Name Guest's Name Guest's Home Club State
1 AUTO-5 John Gallagher Jim Gibney Weston Golf Club MA
2 AUTO-3 Edward Sanford John Dooley Miacomet Golf Course MA
3 AUTO-3 Peter Tulloch James Vernon The Country Club MA
4 AUTO-3 Steve Dearing James Rowley Innis Arden CT
5 AUTO-3 L. Phillip Snyder Kiley Korn Oaks Country Club OK
6 AUTO-3 Michael Ryan Bryan Dunn Merit Club IL
7 AUTO-2 Duff Meyercord Miceal Chamberlain Brae Burn Country Club MA
8 AUTO-2 H. Eugene Lockhart  David Simon Cherry Hills Country Club CO
9 AUTO-2 Darrell Gustafson Sean McNamee Baltusrol Golf Club NJ
10 AUTO-2 Alex Sacerdote Andrew Van Ogtrop The Country Club MA
11 AUTO-1 Michael J. O'Mara Chris Robinson Gulph Mills  PA
12 AUTO-1 Brian Woram Joe Connolly The Los Angeles Country Club CA
13 AUTO-1 Jordan McRobie John Unger Round Hill Club CT
14 AUTO-1 Peter Wareing Johnny Johnson River Oaks Country Club TX
15 AUTO Rhoads Zimmerman Harrison Dean Old Town Club  NC
16 AUTO Jarrett Kling Gui Costin Merion Golf Club PA
17 AUTO Don Segalas Jefferey Zimmer Windsor Golf Club FL
18 AUTO Mark Filipski Bruce Bruckmann Baltusrol Golf Club NJ
19 AUTO Anthony Cahill Bernie Osborne The Classics Country Club FL
20 AUTO David Cheek Hank Warner Chevy Chase Club MD
21 AUTO John Daniels Chris Kling Miacomet Golf Course MA
22 AUTO Mark Bono Ken Baer Brae Burn Country Club MA
23 AUTO Bill Monaghan Ned Desmond Nehoiden Golf Club MA
24 AUTO David Zorensky Jonathan Moore Haymaker GC CO
25 47 Ray Murphy Bob Mirak Winchester Country Club MA
26 45 John Lathrop Martin McKerrow Nantucket Golf Club MA
27 45 Don Miller Michael Miller Easton Country Club MA
28 43 Jacques Wullschleger Dave Marcato Winged Foot Golf Club NY
29 37 William C. Miller IV Dean Patenaude Onwentsia Club IL
30 35 Dick Mackay Alex Mackay East Moreland  
31 34 Jim Poole Frederick Hammer Loblolly  FL
32 33 Ken Hammond Alan Costa Miacomet Golf Course MA
33 32 Larry Carpenter Craig Wilson Allegheny Country Club PA
34 31 Jim Malone Mack Clapp Los Angeles Country Club CA
35 31 Sears Wullschleger Steve Vierengel Winged Foot Golf Club NY
36 30 John Erickson Steve Allen Baltimore Country Club MD
37 29 Edward Tool Steven Frank Flatirons Golf Course CO
38 29 Tom Greig Tom Greig IV Baltusrol Golf Club NJ
39 28 Richard Durkes Phil Pool Meadowbrook Club NY
40 25 John O'Toole Vic Warmment Carmel Country Club NC
41 25 Randall Roe Jimmy Angel Vrandermill Country Club VA
42 24 Murray VandeVelde Sam Bailey Nantucket Golf Club MA
43 24 John Finney Phillips Smith Rockaway Hunting Club NY
44 24 Ken Cote Peter Mortimer Baltusrol Golf Club NJ
45 22 Tom Ward Brian Carr Innis Arden CT
46 21 David Hulme Alan Teran Red Sky Golf Club CO
47 19 Jan Jacobi Jay Nouss Bellerive Country Club MO
48 19 Fred McRobie David Flam Black Diamond Club FL
49 18 John A. Hilton Jr. L. Peter Smith Old Elm IL
50 18 Robert Westbrook Bradford Westbrook Sterling Farms Golf Course CT
51 18 Jay Riley David P. Shouvlin Springfield Country Club OH
52 18 Gar Bewkes Michael G. Watts Wee Burn Country Club CT
53 17 William Roberts Bob Dewitt Weston Golf Club MA
54 16 Richard A. Drucker Timothy M. George National Golf Links of America NY
55 16 Robert Bewkes Rick Skae Winged Foot Golf Club NY
56 16 Bruce L. Warwick Michael Mullin Wianno Club MA
57 16 Bruce Benedict Peter McLachlan Arcola Country Club NJ
58 14 Andy Petterson Gardiner Holland Quinnatisset Country Club MA
59 14 John B. Phillips Jr. Chris Kinney Montclair Golf Club NJ
60 13 Miles P. Clements William Sullivan Jackson Hole GC WY
61 12 Tom Albani Tom McGrath Country Club of Darien CT
62 11 Eugene Goodwillie John O'Neill National Golf Links of America NY
63 11 Alan Nathan Peter Deal Rhode Island Country Club RI
64 11 Austin Schraff Chris Neubert The Course at Yale NJ
65 10 William Young Courtney Carson Hudson National Golf Club NY
66 9 John Stahler Peter Strohmeier Lemon Bay Golf Club FL
67 8 Ken Brasfield Skip Hansford Round Hill Club CT
68 8 Helmut Weymar Albert Lussier Miacomet Golf Course MA
69 8 William Holding Jr. Mark Lucas Minneapolis MN MN
70 8 Bill Cuddy John Silberstein Belmont Country Club MA
71 7 William "Skip" Shaw Bob Ried  Harbour Ridge Country Club FL
72 6 Tom Cunningham Steve Quamme Burning Tree Club MD
73 6 George Spencer III Matt Sughrue Bethesda Country Club MD
74 6 Kevin F. Dale Richard J. Glidden Miacomet Golf Course MA
75 6 Gordon Williams Rob Vincent Round Hill Club CT
76 5 Charles Pagnam Colin Pagnam    
77 5 Dana Stewardson Carlin Binder Baltusrol Golf Club NJ
78 5 Andrew Whiteley James Conzelman CC of Fairfield CT
79 4 Scott Carpenter Dr. Peter Kapsimalis Jr. Baltusrol Golf Club NJ
80 4 John Penrose Dan Boisvert Plymouth CC MA
81 1 J. Graham Goldsmith Jr Ed Bousa Nantucket Golf Club MA
81 4 Phil Stambaugh Phil Marx Miacomet Golf Course MA
82 4 Dick Skelly Norm Pancoat Oyster Harbors Club MA
83 3 Whit Benedict Jim Knight Round Hill Club CT
84 3 Bernie Coffin Peter Coffin    
85 3 Brian O'Callaghan Dan O'Callaghan Country Club of New Bedford  
86 3 Hank Wilson Perry Hall III Somerset Hills Country Club NJ
87 3 Drew Williams Lee Lyon Miacomet Golf Course MA
88 3 Jamie Pfaff Chris Pfaff Skokie Country Club IL
89 3 William C. Wallace Cartwright Wallace Sankaty Head GC MA
90 3 Kim Preston Jeff Willis Tucson Country Club AZ
91 2 Christopher Quick David Volpi Winged Foot Golf Club NY
92 2 Doug Moran Tom Moran Arcola Country Club NJ
96 2 Frank Queally Jr. Jim Graham Winged Foot Golf Club NY
93 2 James Walker Barry Sternlicht GlenArbor GC  
94 2 Peter Benedict Matthew Malloy Morris County Golf Club NJ
97 2 Robert Sherman Doyle Queally Winged Foot Golf Club NY
95 2 W. Lloyd "Skip" Snyder Michael D. Rhoads Merion Golf Club PA
98 2 Flip Templeton Dave Ronning Hinsdale Golf Club IL
99 2 Chuck Geschke John Geschke Los Altos Golf & Country Club CA
100 1 Chris Cuddy John Everly    
101 1 Curt Brockelman Scott Brockelman North Andover MA
102 1 Peter O'Brien Jack Meyercord Baltusrol Golf Club NJ
103 1 Charles Geschke John Geschke Los Altos Golf & Country Club CA
104 1 Ashley Brasfield Robert Williams Moggy Brook Golf Club NJ
105 1 Tim Ward Larry Bellorado TPC River Highlands CT
107 1 Stephen Anderson Jim Distasio Cape Cod National GC MA
108 1 Peter Hoey Kevin Hoffman Appawamis Club NY
109 1 Timothy Moran Michael Walsh Vermont National GC VT
110 1 William "Bill" Bowman Charles Wheelan Hanover Country Club NH
111 0 Tim Moore Peter Letendre Olde Scotland Links MA
112 0 Malcolm MacColl John MacColl Nantucket Golf Club MA
113 0 Scot Mackie Larry Beltino Siwanoy Country Club NY
114 0 Mark Lichtenfeld Darren Blake Whisper Rock AZ
115 0 Eric Baurmeister Norris Jordan Sunnybrook Golf Club PA
116 0 Doug Delaney Paul Paskalides Fairmount Country Club NJ
117 0 Doug Brown David Herter Essex County Club MA
118 0 Paul Gudonis Bill Welsh Meadowbrook Club NY
119 0 John Barrett Matthew Duffy Northern California GA CA
120 0 Geoffrey Beattie Kevin Sullivan Toronto Golf Club ON
121 0 Phil Hadley David Spreng    
122 0 William Brenizer Jack Welsh Piping Rock Club NY
123 0 Biff Maclean Paul Downey Bay Club at Mattapoisett MA
124 0 Walt Macauley Bernie Swain Quail Valley Golf Club FL
125 0 Bob Diamond Tim Mullen    
126 0 Eric Benedict Carter McGuckin Innis Arden CT
127 0 Robert Gillespie Robert S Boova Aronimink Golf Club PA
128 AUTO-2 John Spring Tyler Spring Concord Country Club MA
129 AUTO-1 Rodney Goldstein Jeff Kiley The Los Angeles Country Club CA



We again encourage all members to use our Foretees Online Tee Time System for your daily tee times, and for registering for most events. For those that do not use the Internet, please continue to call the golf shop as usual. If you have any questions or need help in anyway with Foretees please see our Professional Staff. You can find foretees by going through our club web site at When you get to the web site go to the tee time tab.

Our Club Repair area is fully stocked with the new grips. If you have not had your clubs regripped in the last two years, we encourage you to do so.         

We also have a Lie Loft Machine to bend your clubs to properly fit you, so the clubs sole properly and produce the proper direction & trajectory you most desire. See the Golf Shop to set up an appointment to have your clubs checked.

Golf Shop Merchandise – The golf shop is once again fully stocked this season. We have the finest lines in the golf business. Please let us know if you are looking for any product that we don’t stock. Special orders are available in apparel and golf equipment. All merchandise is competitively priced. We will be happy to match lower prices found elsewhere if we can. We appreciate your business and support very much. Thank you.

All of our Teaching Programs, Instructors and fees are highlighted on the web page. Go to We have a fine teaching staff with lots of experience. This is a great time of year to have us look over your swing, and help you get off to a strong start to be competitive in our early events.

Our Junior Golf Program starts off on June 3rd. The juniors meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4. We have an advanced 9-hole playing clinic from 4-6 on Thursdays. Please recommend our program to all kids, grandchildren and family friends. We want to encourage these kids to play and learn the game we all love. Juniors begin at age 6.

I will be offering a Complimentary Clinic in July and August for 1 hour on Fridays at 9AM. This is available to men and women of all handicap levels. I will have some special guests come visit us to bring a new perspective on various aspects of the game and physical fitness.

Please attend and bring a friend!


Quimet Fund Bag Tag Program – Any member, who is not already on the annual renewal program and would like to contribute to the Ouimet Caddy Scholarship Fund, can contact Mark Heartfield in the Golf Shop. All $50.00 or more contributions receive a bag tag. All donations are appreciated.

The Driving Range - now has a new Yardage sign that lets you know the exact yardage from the ropes to the 4 flags listed. The yardage is measured from the rope that day in the center of the range. We have also added in some swing training aids that will be on the range each day.

These devices are designed to help stretch you out prior to hitting balls as well as increase your clubhead speed.

The Golf Staff is happy to teach you how to use the devices if you need any assistance.

9- Hole Ladies Golf – We are excited about our 9-hole Ladies Group beginning in June. This group is for all new players, as well as those that feel 18-holes is too difficult or takes too long. We encourage those of you over a 36-handicap to consider our 9-hole group. All abilities are welcome.

Pace of Play – We will continue to work hard on improving our pace of play at Sankaty Head this season. It is the members responsibility to know where they are on the golf course. Monitor your pace of play. 13 minutes per hole is the allotted time to play each hole. You should be finished 9 holes in just under two hours. Grab a quick drink and head to the 10th tee. No stopping, no eating in between nines.

A few quick tips:

Tee it forward – We encourage you to play the tee that best suits your game.

Play ready golf (safely) – we will not penalize you for playing out of turn.

Take a quick look for a stray ball. Let the other players continue playing.

Handicaps – In order to compete in any of our events, a Sankaty member must have posted 10 rounds of golf in the Ghin System over the last 12 months to be eligible. This is to protect the field and insure that all participants have accurate and valid USGA handicaps. Please post your score after every round played.


Please let us know how we can make your golfing experience at Sankaty Head Golf Club more enjoyable.

Keep it in the short grass,

Mark Heartfield

Head Golf Professional



Flight Time !!!

We will be offering complimentary check-ups on the Flightscope Launch Monitor each weekend on the range.

When you see the Titleist Tent up please stop by for a checkup.

The Flightscope will give you Swing Speed, Distances, Spin rate, and so much more to help make your shots more efficient.


Slow Play Tip

During general golf, lets all play Ready Golf

The 1st player that arrives to their ball should hit when ready to allow for a faster pace for your group.

Be prepared if its your turn to play. Do all the pre-swing calculations prior to your turn. Wind direction, yardage, club selection, practice swings etc. That way when its your turn to play you are prepared.

Never hit when a player is in front of you. We want to always stress safety first and then be ready to play when its your turn.




Coming Home!


Photos by Mark Heartfield


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